People all around the world who love snowboarding and skiing are just as interested in fashion and comfort on the snow, and it's important to provide a wide range of design options to help them express their style and comfort even on the snow.

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brand story


SPECIALGUEST® is a fashion brand that started in Seoul, South Korea in 2013, and strives to provide unique designs that combine the free mood of street fashion and the outstanding comfort of functional clothing.

Our goal is to help our customers experience both style and comfort and find the perfect balance between the two. We will continue to strive to impress our customers, keep an eye on global cultural trends, and spread the charm of our brand to more people.

Identity Beyond Sales

SPECIALGUEST® seeks to provide customers with an experience that goes beyond simply selling clothes. We pursue both style and comfort, helping each customer discover and express their own unique fashion identity. Come on a journey to find your own style with us.

EASY Design, EASY Fit.

SPECIALGUEST® keeps in mind a comfortable design and fit that reflects the latest trends. We've reorganized our range of sizes to make it easier for both men and women to find the style they want. Furthermore, we are developing clothes with simple designs and comfortable colors so that the person itself, not just the clothes, can shine.

Made In Korea

SPECIALGUEST® is manufactured in KOREA for superior quality. I choose 100% Korean fabrics and apply strict quality control during the production process, from thread to sewing. Through this, we always research new and perfect values, and we are proud that Korea's textile industry and sewing technology is recognized globally.