SPECIALAGUEEST® is a fashion brand launched in 2013 in Seoul, South Korea, and strives to provide a unique design that combines the free mood of street fashion with the outstanding comfort of functional clothing.


I AM SO HIGH Feeling drunk, free perspective "It's not about wearing board clothes and going out, it's about wearing street clothes and enjoying boarding."

1819 WAKE UP

“Awakening from the boredom of familiarity and fear of the new” With the motif, the existing pattern was supplemented and reorganized with Special Guest's unique color and new design.


"It's not about going out in a board suit, it's about enjoying the board in a street." The theme of Special Guest 19/20 is "SIMPLE"

2021 EASY

Easy design, Easy fit. Thinking about trend-based comfortable design and fit

2122 ORBAN

Original Functionality + Urban Design"ORBAN" is a combination of traditional functionality and modern design.

2223 'T E N'

'TEN' celebrates the 10th anniversary of SPECIALAGUEST. Looking back on the 10 years we've taken step by step, we've reorganized some of the designs that we've had to go through to focus on the details of the overall color and silhouette to harmonize with various new designs.

2324 BLACK

This color serves to make bright colors shine even more. "BLACK" reflects our long-standing belief in helping you stand out through simple yet unique designs and bold silhouettes.

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